About Us

De Kings Vision Limited is a wholesome family friendly focused TV Production Company based in Lagos, Nigeria with a focus of producing, aggregating and distributing high quality wholesome entertainment TV content across Africa and the diaspora. Our vision is to create contemporary African inspirational /wholesome entertainment content across various entertainment genres for families in Africa and the diaspora. The X2D channel is our first in house TV channel project with a focus of providing wholesome inspirational entertainment for the entire family.

BRIEF HISTORY OF THE X2D: X2D started over 8 years ago as an urban  inspirational and lifestyle syndicated TV programme providing a comprehensive coverage of the inspirational entertainment industry featuring high quality music videos, events coverage,interviews,Red carpet ,behind the scences,awards,features across the genres of comedy,dance,music ,spoken word, creative arts etc. X2D as a TV programme has aired on over 60 TV stations to a global audience winning numerous awards in the process.

THE X2D CHANNEL: The X2D channel is a wholesome entertainment and lifestyle TV channel uniquely created to provide high quality inspirational /family friendly content for families across Africa. Our lineup of content include talk shows, music video rotations,interviews,spotlights,reality,count downs,events,breakfast show, features ,entertainment news and updates, talent hunt, short films   etc. The X2D channel is positioned to provide a one stop shop for wholesome entertainment for families across Africa .The X2D channel is urban in nature and designed to appeal to the 16 to 45 age bracket.

BROADCAST: The X2D channel 484 is currently available on the Play pay TV platform in Nigeria with an MP 4 PAL DV format play out, and would debut on the Africa wide Kwese TV platform on June 1 2017 via IP stream.

CONTENT CAPACITY AND STRUCTURE: We currently broadcast 8 hours daily content with 2 loops and have a library of over 3000 hours with ongoing daily in house productions for our regular content.  Our content is sourced from across Africa and the African community in the diaspora to provide a robust collage of inspirational Afrocentric entertainment and lifestyle content.

GOSPEL ENTERTAINMNET: 60% of our entire broadcast content features a comprehensive focus on core gospel entertainment such as music video rotations, concerts, events, interviews, Red carpet, awards, reality, and talent hunt, video count down, talk shows, features and specials

WHOLESOME ENTERTAINMENT: 30% focuses on value driven safe family friendly content such as talk shows, children programs, drama series, interviews, events, magazines, awards, features, mini documentaries, fashion and lifestyle.

RECAP AFRICA: 10% this is our human capacity development content block featuring inspirational and motivational interviews, events, coaching sessions, panel discussion, specials, documentaries and personality/brand features with the aim of inspiring development across Africa with the leading thought leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors and experts across Africa and the diaspora.