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Download All Theophilus Sunday Powerful Worship Songs Mp3 Free





It is no more a hidden fact that Minister Theophilus Sunday Songs, has an uncommon anointing, and through these songs which we have made an mp3 compilation for free download will plunge you into deep worship. With his popular “Take Over” worship chant, Minister Theophilus Sunday Songs Mp3 Download latest compilation will serve the exact purpose of launching a portal of Angelic atmosphere and manifestation where you are.


Latest Songs By Theophilus Sunday Mp3 draws directly from the secret place and with these songs you can launch into a higher realm of worship.

Theophilus Sunday is a Nigerian vibrant and spirit-filled worshiper. He is a man full of the auction of revival. Theophilus Sunday worships mp3 songs are a blessing and serves as a revival to the oppressed.




Download All Theophilus Sunday Songs Worship MP3 FREE Below

Ancient Path of Life – Download Here

Awake Oh Church Medley – Download Here

Burn Upon My Altar – Download Here

Call Upon Your Name – Download Here

Chant Ayaya – Download Here

Come Oh Spirit Come – Download Here

Daily Search My Heart – Download Here

Face To Face – Download Here

Fix My Mind On You Alone – Download Here

Gbagbogbo Ogo Olori Mi – Download Here

God All By Yourself – Download Here

Hide Me In Your Secret Place – Download Here

Holy Fire – Download Here


We Want To See You Holy Ghost – Download

You Reign Forever – Download

All Glory – Download

I Belong To You – Download

Set Us On Fire – Download

Worship Medley [3] – Download

God All By Yourself – Download

The Encounter – Download

When We Say The Name of Jesus – Download

Spirit Fire Me ft. 1Spirit – Download

Deep Worship Wails – Download

Hide Me In Your Secret Place – Download

My Yahweh – Download

There Is A Place – Download

(Deep Worship) Holy Fire – Download

Deep Spirit Chant – Download

Deliverance Worship – Download

Teach Me To Worship – Download

The Banner of Jesus – Download

You Are My Lover – Download

If I Will See You Tomorrow – Download

Glorious Beyond Description – Download

Deep Worship and Yahweh Chant – Download


Hossana – Download Here

I Will Bless The Lord – Download Here

I Will Wait For My Master – Download Here

Into Wisdom Before Time Began – Download Here

Let No One Escape Your Revival – Download Here

Miracle Working God – Download Here

My Life Is Yours – Download Here

My Superman – Download Here

Odu Jesus – Download Here

Olishoke – Download Here

On Eagles Wings, Abba Father – Download Here

One Sound – Download Here

Realms of Worship – Download Here

Take It Away – Download Here

The Atmosphere – Download Here

Remnant Worship Service (Warri) – Download Here 

Only You – Download Here

My Altar Is Calling You – Download Here

You Have My Heart – Download Here

Worship Medley – Download Here

Worship Medley [2] – Download Here

Take Me Deeper – Download Here

Spirit Of Fire – Download Here

Spirit Beckons – Download Here

Spirit Fill Your Church Again – Download Here

Revival Fire – Download Here

Revival Fire feat. 1Spirit – Download Here

One Sound Recording Studio Worship – Download Here

No God But You – Download Here

My Gaze – Download Here

Mai Girma Chant – Download Here

Living Water – Download Here

Live Soaking Worship Hot Session – Download Here

Let My Soul Never Recover – Download Here

JCCF 2019 – Download Here

International Eagles Conference – Download Here

How We Love Your Name feat. 1Spirit – Download Here

Ancient Zion King – Download Here

My Desire ft. McKlev & Awowo – Download Here

Have Been Offered To A Deity – Download Here

Agunechemba ft. McKlev & Awowo – Download Here

Father, Let Me Never Go Down Again – Download Here

Intense Worship – Download Here

Worship & Chants – Download Here

FFC Day 2 Evening – Download

FFC Day 2 – Download

Jesus, Fix Your Church Again – Download

Father, Let Me Never Go Down Again – Download

Intense Worship – Download

Nigeria Independence Worship – Download

Emmanuel – Download

Prophetic Chant – Download

Jesus, I Want To Touch You – Download

Lead Me Beside Still Waters – Download

Only You Can Satisfy – Download

Song Ministration (September 2020) – Download

Light (Pst. John Onekele) – Download

Jesus I Am Here – Download

I Need You Now – Download

Father Show Me Mercy – Download

Get Drunk – Download

KSU Prays – Download

Give Me You – Download

Celebrate World Conference – Download

IEC – Download

We Wait On You For Fire – Download

Fresh Wine – Download

Yeshua Hamashiach – Download

Yahweh Yahweh – Download

My Worship – Download

Lokoja Ministration – Download

Fill My Cup Lord – Download

Winner’s Chapel Lokoja Ministration – Download

My Desire Is To Walk With You – Download

You Are The Life In Me – Download

There Is More – Download

Teach Us Your Ways – Download

There Is Power In The Name of Jesus – Download

Consume Me Lord – Download

Let My Soul Never Recover – Download

Festival of Glory (Part 1) – Download

Festival of Glory (Part 2) – Download

How Can You Run – 

Take It Away – Download

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