John Adefayo jolaoluwa Daramola mostly called Defayo. The 24 years old John is from the family of eleven, three women and eight children. A working-class IT professional and a full-time music producer. He got his first diploma at Lagos State Polytechnic where he studied computer engineering and he his running a part-time program at the National Open University where he is studying computer science. John got born-again in November 2016.

Before and after his conversion to christ

Before he got born-again he was depressed, dealing with a very dark phase of life, he wasn’t aware of himself, God’s purpose for his life, wasn’t conscious of himself and was lost until the day God decided to show him mercy and shine the light upon him on that deadly night when he was intoxicated
” God spoke to him at that state saying: ‘ i forgive you, i love you'”
so since then he drew closer to God, study the scripture, pray, worship and later found himself in the present house of fellowship “KINGS”. since then he started to sing, write music which is the gift he always had but never took seriously.
In 2017 God told him to start taking his music seriously, so he started to write more deliberately, produce more music and beats that preach the gospel.
In 2018 last year he produced his first music and will be producing his next music in six days titled “BRAND NEW LIFE” and it is currently on digital platforms.
A collaboration of songs will come in due time but really want to collaborate his music with “beautiful eulogy” a rap group of three people one of them is a producer, a rapper and a spoken word artist.
His advice to young people out there is that “what your searching for is right there next to you. You  search for validation, you search for hope, your search for something new is all right next to you if you open your eye to see them and who is that is Jesus”


He is a member of Kings. A church Pastored by Pastor Dami Oluwatoyinbo and his beautiful wife Tolu Oluwatoyinbo located at Maryland Mall