Oluwatoyosi Kuforiji popularly known as “toeyoursea” is an educator, {@toamyschools} international Gospel Minister.

About The Song

“Love Found Me” is a love song to God sang by Toeyoursea featuring Rooftop Clan, Sokleva. The song teaches us the true definition of love which can only be found in Christ produced by the mestro, Okey Sokay.

according to her;

you don’t know the definition of love until it finds you, it gives every true lover a whole new ,meaning. this is one of a kind, and you would love it

“Gods love is the greatest, don’t go about searching for love. It already found you” 

“This song is dedicated to everyone who has lost hope in Love. It’s right beside you, it’s in you.” – She adds



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Afraid, alone without a chance
My soul was wearing thin
You saw my heart, I let you in
I won’t go back again
All the years that I’ve been waiting
I can feel you coming around
Love found me there, and I didn’t notice
I was unaware, this is what it comes to
This is what it comes to
Slowly now I’m broken down and I am wearing thin
Life erased of past mistakes, I won’t go back again
I can feel you coming around
Love found


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