Four Major Thing You Should Pray About Every Day

As Christians, we need to live a prayerful life. There are many things to live for, than to worry about anything. Have you seen a viral post by two awesome kids telling you and I to pray?

Amongst many things, just as the kids said, we need to pray about;

1. The Next Appointment
It is not only about a job interview. Those kids are obviously not looking for one yet, and I am quite sure those kids would most likely not need to look for jobs if they continue praying about everything like they said.

2. The Next Promotion or Examinations
Life is full of examinations. In business, every day is a test, all you need do, is fail a big test and you are out of business. Sometimes, you just need to fail a little test over and over again.
As a student, it is not what you read, a day to your examination that gives you the best score, rather it is what you have been paying attention to with each passing day.
You should consider every day a test day and pray about it every day. A day will come when your prayers will smell sweet to God because you are consistent. I will talk more on this,in the later part of this article.

3. Family Member Who Don’t Treat You Right
There will be some sets of people who do not value you in life. You might be tempted to prove to them that you are better than them or that you are not intimidated. It could be a family member, a member of a board where you serve or even a colleague
at work who treats you in a condescending manner.
However, it is how you respond that determines your victory. You can try to prove yourself to them or choose to pray about it and let God guide you on how to deal with the issues.

The solution is usually not unconnected with prayers.

4. Fake Friends
You might be tempted to ask, Why will you have fake friends despite the fact that you pray always? but then even Jesus had fake friends.
Fake friends are good because they have also helped me become who I am today.
You can’t hate them,as it is bad for you to hate, If you choose to ignore them, they might still come in handy, the day God has assigned. You can pray about them, so God can tell you what to do with them.
Make sure that you live an authentic life, so that you don’t attract fake friends.

I still conduct environmental sanitation on the kind of friends I let in to my life.
Most of my mentors have just about three to four friends.

You may also need to understand the difference between friends and acquaintances as they are quite different.

It all boils down to the fact that prayer is important, so whatever you do, make sure you don’t go around complaining or blaming everyone but yourself. Pray without ceasing. Pray until something happens.

3 Core Purpose of Prayer
Prayer does come naturally to the average Joe, probably because the average person only thinks of of prayer in times of trouble.

However, there is more to prayer than calling out to God to save us from troubles.The Purpose of prayer includes:

1. Sometimes prayer might help get us out of circumstances, while at other times it is to take us through them.

2. Can our prayers change our circumstances? Absolutely! But when our circumstances don’t change, it’s often an indication that God is trying to change us. The primary purpose of prayer is not to change circumstances; the primary purpose of prayer is to change us! But either way, the chief objective remains the same: to glorify God in any and every situation.
3. Sometimes we need to pray “get me out” prayers. But sometimes we need to pray “get me through” prayers. And we need the discernment to know when to pray what.