Gospel force” also known as “ G-FORCE” is a band by a group of friends that are raising a peculiar sound to the generation and making a difference in the life of people which is one of the ultimate thing that can happen to people, and the difference  in someone’s  life is someone’s  been saved and having Jesus. These groups of friends include: Sultan Aladaba ( Co-founder of gospel force ),Adeyoyin Babatunde (Singer),  Olamide Ogundiran (Guitarist), Talent poye ( the drummer of the band), Adegbotun ( Vocalist), Micheal Abiodun( a basic player), Ezekiel ( Guitarist) and victor Emmanuel (a singer).

About the Group and songs

A new singles will dropping soon titled “GOOD GOD” with no collaboration yet but there would be very soon by the special Grace of God.


Future Collaborations

We would love to do a collabo with  “skillet” an American rock band in the United States.


Upcoming Event

This year they would be having one of the biggest concerts they do every two years “on the rock concert” but still working on the venue but in early 2020 there would be a new video and their second album would be out. Looking out to their major project which is the concerts and are reaching out to a lot of people