Kelar Thrillz Appreciate Team as YARB TOUR Continue on Your Street

Kelar Thrillz follows the steps of great Leaders as he appreciate YARB TRIBE

One of the good thing about life is the ability to appreciate. Kelar Thrillz, the front man for Young and Radical Believer has took a breathe to appreciate his source of strength, other than God as YARB TOUR Continues.

Kelar Thrillz appreciate Team because of their support towards YARB TOUR so far. We all know, it takes team to do grate things.

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He made this known in an IG post. He said, ‘Thank you so much for standing by me. I appreciate all you do

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THE YARB TOUR with @kelarthrillz Yesterday at @bolyouthchurch was all shades of Radical Praise Turn Up! Thank you so much ma'am @topsticksdrummergirl for the opportunity! Thank you so much @de_fixcompany for bringing your A' game on this tour! S/O to my brother @solarspeaks for opening for me yesterday with such powerful spoken word piece…๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ – To my unstoppable team… @yarbtribe Thank you so much for standing by me. I appreciate all you do ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ More pictures and videos loading! Meanwhile stay tuned for the next stop! – – #KTYT #KINGDOMAGENDA #YARBTOUR #KELARTHRILLZ #NEBO #STREETSOUND #PRAISEPARTY #TURNUP #DANCERS #INSTADAILY #TOUR #HIPHOPLIFE #FAITHWALK

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Remember the YARB TOUR is the first of it kind in Lagos this year. The radical believer, Kelar Thrillz took out the streetlight by the ability of the spirit while other might have being warming up. It was shocking, in an interview over the phone, when he revealed his intention to embark on such long and glorious project with the sole aim of depopulating the the kingdom of the dark.

Kelar Thrillz is known first by one of his videos, titled, NEBO. NEBO is a short word that can use be use on the African street to mean neighbor.

He went ahead to discourse his initial message in such a way the street guys will connect because he narrowed it down to their language. If you have not seen it, see it below.

YARB TOUR continues, he said in a close discussion, we are open to partnership and sponsorship, more so, the YARB TOUR is still in phrase. Watch out for another outstanding episode this week. Read Also: Kelar Thrillz Shares Highlights of Last Week #YARBTOUR as Fan React

Feel free to connect with what is good and unique because i did, connect.

Among many, Kelar Thrillz has some videos to his credit and i wont mind if you check them out. See them below and let me know how you feel about YARB TOUR 2019.