Story:Questionable paternity test: Should the couple end in death?

Trust is a vital virtue in a relationship. Events have shown that when trust is seemly compromised particularly in a marriage relationship, the aftermath is untold.


The experience of Mr. and Mrs. is one such disheartening story that will again go down history over compromised trust in a child’s paternity. Regretedly, the couple has added to the number of lost lives and shattered innocent dreams around the world.


The stories have become one too many. Rather than waiting for the next victim of domestic violence and eventual murder over the paternity test, a proferring solution is key.

Some women wanting to save their husbands’ from societal shame bear children not fathered by their husbands. At what point should a wife inform her husband that the child presented as he is not his?


Should it be wise for husbands to insist on paternity tests soon after their wife’s delivery to avert future surprises and mishaps?


What if the hospital where Mrs. Xyz put to bed is the main culprit? What if Mrs. Xyz has always been faithful to her husband and was only a victim of her child being exchanged at birth by the matron? It goes to say couples should take extra care of where they register for antenatal as well as, for husbands or family members to be around and vigilant when their daughter or wife is in labor.


The ‘what if’ questions over the issue of the paternity test can be enormous. However, understanding the situation can be very emotional for the husband especially, it is not the best either for couples to end up in death over it. That is why there is a need for fear of God, trust, maturity, and communication in every marriage relationship. It makes it easier for couples to address their differences even questionable paternity tests amicably.


Some hospitals may frown at this. But it may be a step in the right direction if there is a law that makes hospitals to be summoned in court over the situation of their patient’s paternity test. It is likely to curb the dubious practice of some hospitals given to exchanging babies at birth for selfish gains.


Gloria Obot

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