Story:Stop Being A Good GIRL

“Amarachi, I seriously don’t get it. Why do you always act like the world is against you?” queried Kunle as they drove home from the office.

“You are the most valuable staff I have ever known. Yet, you treat yourself like some piece of trash, acting as everyone owns you.”

“Hasn’t it occurred to you that God loves you the way you are?”

“Must you always go out of your way just to be called a ‘good girl’?”

As if he was determined to put an end to her self-pity attitude, he packed the car a few blocks to her house. Stunned by his action, Amarachi turned to look at him.

“My dear, you do not have to prove anything to me or anyone to be accepted. You are good at what you do, enjoy your job. Enjoy your life.”

Overwhelmed by his concern, Amarachi broke down in tears. She has never met anyone who truly saw her as a friend. Most of her growing years, she has seen men who saw her as a sex object. And women, who thought her less deserving of their friendship. At age ten, she was raped by her father and was treated with disdain by her step-mother. She has had to fend for herself from a young age, and you would guess right, selling her body for money was her leeway.

Kunle did not do anything to stop her from crying. Rather, he handed her a handkerchief to dab her face, and the next thing that came from his mouth changed Amarachi’s story forever.

“Amarachi, I love you and want to marry you. But you cannot be the kind of wife I desire if you keep on holding on to self-pity.”

“Look at me,” he said softly as he stretched out his hand to lift her face from the handkerchief. “You are a good woman, beautiful, intelligent, and smart. None of the ladies at the office is better than you neither are you in competition with anyone. Your past is where it belongs – in your past. Decide the kind of future you want henceforth and work it out.”

“The grace of God that took me through my life challenges unscathed is available to you if you are willing to accept it,” he said looking lovingly into her eyes

“I was abandoned, despised and frustrated. I became hopeless. For the love of God, I did not attempt to commit suicide. But today, I am the Chief Operating Officer of Zamza Consulting.

“Grace found me, Amarachi. By grace, I mean the unmerited favor of God brought me thus far and it’s available to you if only you will embrace it, accept it,” he said with a plea in his voice.

All the while, Amarachi has been looking dumb-founded by what was playing out before her eyes. She couldn’t stomach her shock and joy that her boss not only had an interest in her but wanted her for a wife. Suddenly, she went into another round of tears. But this time it was tears of joy.


Your story may not be like that of Kunle and Amarachi but one thing is certain, we all have got life stories. Good or bad your story may be, challenges are inevitable. Like one of my friends would always say, ‘different strokes for different folks.’

During these times of uncertainty and difficulty, it is natural for the human mind to seek ways to come out of such situations; to depend on their own strength, effort, and connections. Often, this doesn’t yield lasting results.

It will interest you to know that no matter where you are or what you have been through; there is hope for the future. Don’t be clouded by your present circumstances to agree to the lies of the devil and give up on life. I present to you one golden truth that has seen many people through life’s challenges – God’s power is most effective in your weakness, 2Corinthians 12 verse 9. The amazing grace of God (unmerited favor) shows up when you are done trusting in your effort. This is why I am fascinated by Isaiah 40 verse 30, ‘But those who trust in the Lord will find strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will work and not faint.’

Are you tired of running in circles or tired of your bad habits and unproductive life that you desire definite changes? Have you been trying to change only to end up been frustrated again? Relax and know that God is for you. He is aware of you, sees you, hears you, and wants to help you. You receive his help by first being still in your heart and realizing that He alone is your helper. He can use anything to help you including man. Hence, it becomes an error to put your hope in a man that needs help. Surrender your life to him knowing that His power is made manifest in your weakness.

Enjoy the Grace of God

Gloria Obot


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