Tested Ways to Read the Bible Meet God

The word of God is not just the work of God, it is the worth of God. You can keep calling God forever without meeting Him, you can just walk up to Him through his word because he exalts His words above his name.
Here are seven ways.

1. Read the whole story.
Many of us learned to read God’s Word from children’s Bible storybooks made up of individual stories—Adam and Eve, David and Goliath, Jonah and the big fish (of course it was Jonah and the whale back then), the boy’s five loaves and two fish, and so on.

2. Look for Jesus in all of the Bible.
This is the advice I would suggest to any Christian who finds the Bible to be stale and lifeless: look for Jesus. So much of what we miss in Scripture is because we look for characters and themes and lessons other than Jesus.

3. When you see Jesus, get to know Him.
In the Bible we have the means to get to know Jesus. We have the means to move past observation and awareness and fact finding to a real, personal connection with Him. How? Like we do in any relationship.

4. Don’t shy away from the hard stuff.
One of the most significant weaknesses of most Bible teaching in the traditional church is the void where all the hard stuff in the Bible happens. Pretending the difficult portions of scripture don’t exist doesn’t delete it from the Bible. If God hadn’t wanted us to see it, know it, and think on it, He wouldn’t have filled up His self-revelation with it.

5. Start small, perhaps with children’s books, and mix in other resources, too.
The Bible is the foundation on which our faith is built. But it does not mean we read only the Bible. Other books by godly writers can serve to open up our minds and hearts to Scripture.

6. Don’t read the Bible as a set of rules, but rather, as a book.
So many Christians lose touch with the heart of Scripture because for so long they have approached it under the rule of law. “You must read your Bible every day.”

Reading your Bible every day is a great thing, but within its very pages it describes how the law introduces us to sin. When we make rules out of things, we tend to take the life out of them, no matter how good they are.

7. Pray for the Spirit’s help when you read the Bible.
We have a helper and a teacher. Jesus even said we would be better off, if He left because this helper is so amazing. Really? We’re better off without Jesus on earth with us? Yes! Because the Holy Spirit dwells in every Christian, moving us toward being more like Jesus, teaching our minds, softening and convicting our hearts.

To connect with God through His Word is a miracle of the Spirit and not something that can be formulated. All the suggestions I just made are not the equation that adds up to a relationship with God.

They are ingredients that must be present, but only the Spirit can mix and prepare them in such a way that we see God in His glory and are moved to follow and honor Him.

So beg the Spirit to open your eyes when you read. Plead with the Spirit to give you the inspiration to read. And He will. Maybe not in a flash, but He will. And as you begin reading the Bible, delving deeper into God’s Word, you will find that the Spirit and God’s message in the Bible will change you.