Things You Should Know About YARB TOUR @KelarThrillz

Kelar Thrillz, Song writer, Choreographer and outstanding Nigeria Indigenous Gospel Hip Hop Artist has taken things radically recently as he embarks on a tour with the name YARB TOUR.

After the release of AKAGI and EGWUEJI, the hyper thrilling indigenous rap MC KELAR THRILLZ jumps on this free rap beat with the CONNECT and ASKON rapper OBA REENGY to deliver this Epic Jam titled YARB!

Here are five things you should know about YARB TOUR

  1. It was God Given

#YARB is a movement of YOUNG AND RADICAL BELIEVERS commissioned to take the gospel of the cross to the STREETS.

In a press release, Kingsley Orji Bright AKA KELAR THRILLZ said ”God never gives passion that leads nowhere’

Kelar Thrillz is definitely here to stay and impact the Nigerian music scene with his great rap style and Unique Dance Steps with his Family FixCrew.

Hope you haven’t forgetten how God inspired Kelar Thrillz to team up with PLICE,  the producer of his single titled NEBO! Read Also: fff

This tour is no exception. Kelar Thrillz spits bars in the  Igbo, Yoruba and English languages.

You can bear me witness if you have listened to his single titled NEBO, which means Neighbor (stylized), its a call for young people to dance and praise God without having external influences from drug abuse.

This single was released following the nationwide campaign against the high rate of drug abuse among young people, Kelar Thrillz encourages listeners that they do not need to get high to have fun.

One of the things you should be expecting in 2019 YARB TOUR is Kelar Thrillz and De-Fix Crew in highly energetic performances. “NEBO” is definitely going to be a regular at their performances.

  1. it is a city wide tour

Remember, Kelar Thrillz before now has teamed up with Haych Beatz, to produce an outstanding reggae infused Hip Hop song, “No Rejection”, alongside its music video directed by Mr. Ekemini.

The video, was produced with a message that went round the cities. It is a message of comfort, assurance and hope to the average individual who is faced with rejection, assuring them that every rejection is only a redirection by God to something better in His grand plan.

The same message will be witnessed as the YARB TOUR takes off.

The big tour will take place alongside unconventional Gospel Musicians, Dancers and Spoken Word Artistes.

  1. Non-Stop Indigenous Urban Gospel Jam

Jam Jam Jam.   The indigenous urban gospel tour #YARBTOUR will be basically an atmosphere for Gospel Musicians, Dancers and Spoken Word Artists to unleash their God-given talent.

Remember, Kelar Thrillz, is a talented young man who has released mostly indigenous singles like “EgwuEji”, which is a follow up of his viral hit single AKAGI which made international Gospel charts and was produced by Okey Sokay, one of Nigeria’s top producers.

Egwueji is a song that calls you to the dance floor in thanksgiving to God for all His goodness in your life. Kelar Thrillz brings a different feel to this latest release, and a new dance step tagged “EgwuEji” (OnPoint).

Also on this year’s YARB TOUR, Kelar Thrillz is not relenting on his oars as he has been working silently on a few collaborations with Gospel Hip-hop giants in Nigeria and Ghana. Before the end of 2019, you should be expecting Kelar Thrillz to drop something big again.

  1. YARB is an Acronym for Young and Radical Believers.

This is a movemen initiated by the Indigenous Gospel Rap artist, Kelar Thrillz. To you it may be an acronym but I want you to understand it is a movement of radical believers.

Radical believers who boldly and unashamedly take the good news (Gospel) to the streets via mainstream media, using Urban Music, Dance, Spoken Word

‘and living a model lifestyle with the aim to accomplish the vision of positively impacting our generation.’ According to a press release by Kelar Thrillz.

  1. YARB TOUR is Teen and Youth Focused

This year’s YARB TOUR is not different from the usual in it focus as it is said to reach youths of different denominations and geographical locations with the urban vibes. The press release read thus

‘this tour is a church tour specifically tailored for the teens and youths.’ The focus of this year’s YARB TOUR is not limited to encouraging the youth to live a goodly live in their communities, unashamed about their faith. This tour will certainly restore the hope of the broken by reminding them about God’s love and the will of his unconditional love for them.

Just in case you want to know more about Kelar Thrillz, here are few details;

  • Kelar Thrillz hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, Imo state to be precise. Losing his father at the tender age of 11 opened him up to harsh realities, especially facing rejection due to his career choice. He is of the opinion that every “No” he received was a redirection to a better path.
  • Kelar Thrillz stands out for his power dance moves and energetic performances. The lyrical & spiritual depth reflected in his music also speaks volume beyond the theatrics. His deepest desire is to inspire young people with his music, and encourage them to find themselves in Christ as He is the only guarantee for their success.
  • The YARB TOUR is for you. Support what you believe in and don’t just read this article, share it with your friends and family for the gospel sake.