translated to mean: in unity lies confidence

X2D had a strategic industry meet up with a few of the top bloggers and artists in the gospel entertainment industry and the crux of the meeting was to foster unity amongst the key media brands that are for lack of a better word the gateway through which the Christian community, especially in Nigeria, get access to gospel content.

The visionair of X2DTV with some bloggers and artist present.
The visioner of X2DTV (Mr.Deji Irawo), wife (Mrs. Ester Deji Irawo) with some bloggers and artist present.

It has always been in our culture to seek out means to build relationships seeking to find ways to push the kingdom agenda. X2D is strategically positioned as the TV station for all things GOSPEL INSPIRED ENTERTAINMENT and as a result we called on other players in the gospel media space to see how we can combine efforts behind making sure that X2D is the VISUAL BRAND for all things GOSPEL ENTERTAINMENT and making her accessible to Christians in Africa and Africans in the diaspora… OUR GOAL IS TO BE THE ALTERNATIVE THAT FAMILIES CAN SIT IN FRONT OF WITHOUT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THE CONTENT THAT THEY MIGHT SEE.
We are continually seeking ways to strengthen and unify the gospel-inspired entertainment space and we are open to discussions with stakeholders in the industry.
We believe that together we can create a unified and powerful front for kingdom media entertainment that has both the reach and impact that our work so well deserves.

This conversation is a big one and we don’t claim to have all the answers but we are calling for a kingdom agenda mindset… This first edition was put together by @macmomohmusic in collaboration with @x2dtv

Ps. We are super excited that the X2DTV app will be launching in a week making X2DTV accessible on a global scale.

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